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Zip Code: 100070 
Telephone: 86 1056318661 

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Primary SIC Code: 7374
(As filed with the SEC)  

Fang and we have entered into a business cooperation agreement in respect of our cooperation on certain commercial property-related business, particularly our listing services, operated through Fang's website,, after the separation and distribution. The initial term of this agreement is 10 years commencing from the signing date and may be terminated by mutual written agreement between Fang and us. Business Cooperation. We will have the exclusive right to operate all the commercial property-related business, such as the online listing of commercial properties and lands as well as the advertising and marketing services provided through Fang's commercial property-related web pages, for which Fang will be responsible for operating and maintaining at our expenses, which will include IT system upgrade, servers maintenance and software upgrade.  ... More ...  

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Key Financial Ratios and Statistics


Profitability   Leverage  
Net Inc/Comm EquityNATotal Liab/Total AssetsNA
Net Inc/Total AssetsNATotal Liab/Inv CapNA
Net Inc/Inv CapNATotal Liab/Comm EquityNA
Pretax Inc/Net SalesNAInterest Coverage RatioNA
Net Inc/Net SalesNACurr Debt/EquityNA
Cash Flow/Net SalesNALTD/EquityNA
SG&A/NetSalesNATotal Debt/EquityNA
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables TurnoverNAQuick RatioNA
Inventory TurnoverNACurrent RatioNA
Inventory Day SalesNANet Rec/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/Work CapNAInv/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/PP&ENA  

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Report Date : 1/20/2020

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