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Address: 1101-3, TOWER B
Zip Code: 122001 
Telephone: 650-843-5214 

Description of Business

Primary SIC Code: 4700
(As filed with the SEC)  

We are a Cayman Islands exempted company with operations primarily in India. We were incorporated as a private exempted company with limited liability on December 15, 2005 and subsequently became a public company upon the consummation of the Business Combination. Our registered office is located at c/o Maples Corporate Services Limited, PO Box-309, Ugland House, Grand Cayman, KY1-1104 Cayman Islands. Our principal executive office is located at 1101-03, 11th Floor, Tower-B, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India, and our telephone number at this office is (+91-124) 339-5500. Our principal website address is and our other main website is We do not incorporate the information contained on, or accessible through, our websites into this Annual Report, and you should not consider it a part of this Annual Report.  ... More ...  

Per Share Overview

Date 12-mos Rolling EPS Dividend P/E Ratio

Key Financial Ratios and Statistics

FYE: 03/31

Profitability 2017 Leverage 2017
Net Inc/Comm Equity-0.41Total Liab/Total Assets0.67
Net Inc/Total Assets-0.62Total Liab/Inv Cap1.73
Net Inc/Inv Cap-1.59Total Liab/Comm Equity0.45
Pretax Inc/Net Sales-0.18Interest Coverage Ratio-9.97
Net Inc/Net Sales-0.64Curr Debt/Equity0.00
Cash Flow/Net Sales-0.17LTD/Equity0.01
SG&A/NetSales0.72Total Debt/Equity0.01
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables Turnover4.84Quick Ratio1.30
Inventory Turnover323.51Current Ratio1.31
Inventory Day Sales0.81Net Rec/Curr Assets0.30
Net Sales/Work Cap5.23Inv/Curr Assets0.00
Net Sales/PP&E65.99  

Income Statement (Millions)

  3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Total Revenues(Net Sales) 143.92 125.91
Cost of Goods Sold 64.54 62.99
Selling & Admin Exps 103.83 77.59
Operating Income -28.70 -18.20
Interest Exp 2.31 1.74
Pretax Income -25.32 -18.50
Other Income -59.65 1.44
Net Income Bef Extraordinary ... NA NA
Net Income -91.43 -18.78

Balance Sheet (Millions)

Assets 3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Cash & Short Term Investments 23.60 5.88
Receivables - Total 34.85 24.61
Inventories - Total 0.22 0.18
Total Current Assets 117.32 54.69
Net Property, Plant & Equipment 2.18 1.91
Total Assets 147.45 80.85
Accounts Payable 49.47 31.51
Debt in Current Liabilities 0.22 1.52
Total Current Liabilities 89.81 52.69
Long-Term Debt 0.48 8.81
Total Liabilities 99.13 74.36
Stockholder's Equity    
Minority Interest 0.80 0.18
Preferred Stock 0.00 0.00
Common Stock 0.01 0.00
Retained Earnings -184.85 -90.96
Treasury Stock -0.84 0.00
Total Stockholders' Equity 48.32 6.49
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 147.45 80.85

Cash Flow Summary (Millions)

Categories 3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities -24.48 -6.95
Net Cash Provided by Investing Activities -36.66 -7.18
Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities 79.09 17.28

Annual Summary Data (Millions)

Year Sales Net Income EPS
Growth Rates14.30----

Stock Ownership

Type Date(Q,M) No. Owners Shares Held (000s) % Own

Report Date : 7/17/2018

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