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RM. 722-1, B/D. B, WTC ,#6 HK MID RD. 
Zip Code: 0000 
Telephone: 86-532-85919267 

Description of Business

Primary SIC Code: 2000
(As filed with the SEC)  

We started our company in 2002 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, PRC. Our growth has been driven by two key factors: (i) an significant increase in the number of pet owners and in the size of the pet food market in China which translated into expansion opportunities for us, and (ii) a fundamental change in Chinese society towards pets, pet ownership and care, such that the trends of pet humanization and consumer concerns for pet health and wellness have created a dynamically growing industry for pet food and products. We price our products to be accessible to the average consumer, providing us with broad demographic appeal and allowing us to penetrate multiple market segments. Founded on these building blocks, as well as on our in-depth research and development, production, and sales capabilities, we believe we are well prepared to be one of the leading producers of pet food in the PRC and beyond.  ... More ...  

Per Share Overview

Date 12-mos Rolling EPS Dividend P/E Ratio

Key Financial Ratios and Statistics

FYE: 12/31

Profitability 2017 Leverage 2017
Net Inc/Comm Equity0.01Total Liab/Total Assets0.44
Net Inc/Total Assets0.01Total Liab/Inv Cap1.03
Net Inc/Inv Cap0.01Total Liab/Comm Equity0.87
Pretax Inc/Net Sales0.00Interest Coverage Ratio1.72
Net Inc/Net Sales0.00Curr Debt/Equity0.25
Cash Flow/Net Sales-0.09LTD/EquityNA
SG&A/NetSales0.24Total Debt/Equity0.25
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables Turnover12.76Quick Ratio0.74
Inventory Turnover2.74Current Ratio1.80
Inventory Day Sales0.01Net Rec/Curr Assets0.19
Net Sales/Work Cap4.19Inv/Curr Assets0.59
Net Sales/PP&E8.23  

Income Statement (Millions)

  12/31/2017 12/31/2016 12/31/2015
Total Revenues(Net Sales) 28.98 24.44 16.31
Cost of Goods Sold 20.68 17.37 12.29
Selling & Admin Exps 6.98 4.85 2.75
Operating Income 0.27 1.15 0.68
Interest Exp 0.08 0.10 0.12
Pretax Income 0.06 1.10 0.74
Other Income -0.12 0.05 0.18
Net Income Bef Extraordinary ... NA NA NA
Net Income 0.12 1.01 0.47

Balance Sheet (Millions)

Assets 12/31/2017 12/31/2016 12/31/2015
Cash & Short Term Investments 3.14 1.85 1.51
Receivables - Total 2.93 1.61 1.95
Inventories - Total 9.14 5.97 2.99
Total Current Assets 15.58 9.82 6.65
Net Property, Plant & Equipment 3.52 3.31 3.47
Total Assets 19.81 13.24 10.24
Accounts Payable 5.48 5.42 4.03
Debt in Current Liabilities 2.78 3.14 3.07
Total Current Liabilities 8.66 8.97 7.56
Long-Term Debt NA NA NA
Total Liabilities 8.66 8.99 7.56
Stockholder's Equity      
Minority Interest NA NA NA
Preferred Stock NA NA NA
Common Stock 0.01 0.01 0.01
Retained Earnings 0.82 0.73 -0.18
Treasury Stock NA NA NA
Total Stockholders' Equity 11.15 4.25 2.68
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 19.81 13.24 10.24

Cash Flow Summary (Millions)

Categories 12/31/2017 12/31/2016 12/31/2015
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities -2.67 -1.49 -0.70
Net Cash Provided by Investing Activities -1.39 0.94 -0.31
Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities 5.26 1.07 1.50

Annual Summary Data (Millions)

Year Sales Net Income EPS
Growth Rates33.29-50.34--

Stock Ownership

Type Date(Q,M) No. Owners Shares Held (000s) % Own

Report Date : 9/17/2018

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