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Address: 250 BOWIE AVENUE  
Zip Code: M6E 4Y2 
Telephone: 416-780-9850 

Description of Business

Primary SIC Code: 2300
(As filed with the SEC)  

Founded 60 years ago in a small Toronto warehouse, Canada Goose has grown into a highly coveted global outerwear brand. We are recognized for authentic heritage, uncompromised craftsmanship and quality, exceptional warmth and superior functionality. This reputation is decades in the making and is rooted in our commitment to creating premium products that deliver unrivaled functionality where and when it is needed most. Be it Canadian Arctic Rangers serving their country or an explorer trekking to the South Pole, people who live, work and play in the harshest environments on Earth have turned to Canada Goose. Throughout our history, we have found inspiration in these technical challenges and parlayed that expertise into creating exceptional products for any occasion.  ... More ...  

Per Share Overview

Date 12-mos Rolling EPS Dividend P/E Ratio

Key Financial Ratios and Statistics

FYE: 03/31

Profitability 2017 Leverage 2017
Net Inc/Comm Equity0.15Total Liab/Total Assets0.62
Net Inc/Total Assets0.06Total Liab/Inv Cap0.74
Net Inc/Inv Cap0.07Total Liab/Comm Equity1.61
Pretax Inc/Net Sales0.08Interest Coverage Ratio4.07
Net Inc/Net Sales0.05Curr Debt/EquityNA
Cash Flow/Net Sales0.10LTD/Equity1.00
SG&A/NetSales0.41Total Debt/Equity1.00
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables Turnover27.08Quick Ratio0.59
Inventory Turnover1.54Current Ratio2.54
Inventory Day Sales0.00Net Rec/Curr Assets0.08
Net Sales/Work Cap4.08Inv/Curr Assets0.77
Net Sales/PP&E11.07  

Income Statement (Millions)

  3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Total Revenues(Net Sales) 302.76 224.85
Cost of Goods Sold 143.75 112.26
Selling & Admin Exps 123.69 77.39
Operating Income 30.37 31.66
Interest Exp 7.47 6.18
Pretax Income 22.90 25.48
Other Income NA NA
Net Income Bef Extraordinary ... NA NA
Net Income 16.23 20.48

Balance Sheet (Millions)

Assets 3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Cash & Short Term Investments 7.26 5.59
Receivables - Total 9.69 12.67
Inventories - Total 94.08 92.39
Total Current Assets 122.39 119.63
Net Property, Plant & Equipment 27.34 18.89
Total Assets 285.58 272.93
Accounts Payable 43.66 35.26
Debt in Current Liabilities 0.00 0.97
Total Current Liabilities 48.19 38.64
Long-Term Debt 109.54 106.89
Total Liabilities 175.98 162.60
Stockholder's Equity    
Minority Interest NA NA
Preferred Stock NA NA
Common Stock NA NA
Retained Earnings NA NA
Treasury Stock NA NA
Total Stockholders' Equity 109.60 110.33
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 285.58 272.93

Cash Flow Summary (Millions)

Categories 3/31/2017 3/31/2016
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities 29.49 -4.98
Net Cash Provided by Investing Activities -20.23 -16.89
Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities -7.42 22.88

Annual Summary Data (Millions)

Year Sales Net Income EPS
Growth Rates34.65-20.76--

Stock Ownership

Type Date(Q,M) No. Owners Shares Held (000s) % Own

Report Date : 2/19/2018

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