Company Information


Address: 500 TOTTEN POND ROAD  
State: MA 
Zip Code: 02451 
Telephone: 781-209-6400 

Description of Business

Primary SIC Code: 2834
(As filed with the SEC)  

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing new drugs to improve the lives of cancer patients by addressing key mechanisms of drug resistance that limit the rate and durability of response of many cancer therapies. Our targeted, small molecule drug candidates, designed using our proprietary kinase switch control inhibitor platform, inhibit the activation of kinases, an important family of enzymes, that when mutated or over expressed, are known to be directly involved in the growth and spread of many cancers. We have built a diverse pipeline of wholly owned, orally administered drug candidates that includes three clinical-stage and two research-stage programs. We are studying our lead drug candidate DCC-2618 in an ongoing pivotal Phase 3 trial in fourth-line plus treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors, or GIST, where there are currently no approved therapies, and in an ongoing Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced malignancies.  ... More ...  

Per Share Overview

Date 12-mos Rolling EPS Dividend P/E Ratio

Key Financial Ratios and Statistics

FYE: 12/31

Profitability 2017 Leverage 2017
Net Inc/Comm Equity-0.13Total Liab/Total Assets0.08
Net Inc/Total Assets-0.25Total Liab/Inv Cap0.08
Net Inc/Inv Cap-0.27Total Liab/Comm Equity0.04
Pretax Inc/Net SalesNAInterest Coverage Ratio-528.31
Net Inc/Net SalesNACurr Debt/EquityNA
Cash Flow/Net SalesNALTD/EquityNA
SG&A/NetSalesNATotal Debt/EquityNA
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables TurnoverNAQuick Ratio14.35
Inventory TurnoverNACurrent Ratio14.35
Inventory Day SalesNANet Rec/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/Work CapNAInv/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/PP&ENA  

Income Statement (Millions)

  3/31/2018 12/31/2017 9/30/2017
Total Revenues(Net Sales) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Cost of Goods Sold NA NA NA
Selling & Admin Exps 5.03 4.68 2.43
Operating Income -21.95 -20.34 -12.18
Interest Exp 0.02 0.02 0.02
Pretax Income -21.43 -19.91 -12.04
Other Income 0.54 0.45 0.17
Net Income Bef Extraordinary ... NA NA NA
Net Income -21.43 -19.91 -12.04

Balance Sheet (Millions)

Assets 3/31/2018 12/31/2017 9/30/2017
Cash & Short Term Investments 179.87 196.75 82.15
Receivables - Total NA NA NA
Inventories - Total NA NA NA
Total Current Assets 181.11 198.18 82.75
Net Property, Plant & Equipment 0.95 0.84 0.73
Total Assets 182.14 199.10 87.87
Accounts Payable 16.30 13.82 10.08
Debt in Current Liabilities NA NA NA
Total Current Liabilities 16.30 13.82 10.08
Long-Term Debt NA NA NA
Total Liabilities 17.55 15.12 11.44
Stockholder's Equity      
Minority Interest NA NA NA
Preferred Stock 0.00 0.00 NA
Common Stock 0.33 0.33 0.00
Retained Earnings -217.30 -195.87 -175.96
Treasury Stock NA NA NA
Total Stockholders' Equity 164.59 183.97 -168.11
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 182.14 199.10 -156.67

Cash Flow Summary (Millions)

Categories 3/31/2018 12/31/2017 9/30/2017
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities -16.69 -12.75 -8.87
Net Cash Provided by Investing Activities -0.15 -0.13 -0.20
Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities -0.04 127.49 -2.78

Annual Summary Data (Millions)

Year Sales Net Income EPS
Growth RatesNaN----

Stock Ownership

Type Date(Q,M) No. Owners Shares Held (000s) % Own

Report Date : 6/18/2018

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