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Address: 840 LILY LANE  
State: MN 
Zip Code: 55744 
Telephone: 218-327-3434 

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Primary SIC Code: 3531
(As filed with the SEC)  

A number of economic indicators that we believe are relevant to our industry and products have been trending favorably in the first nine months of 2017 and are forecasted to continue in a positive direction. A primary driver of demand for our CTL and SSL products is the United States housing market, where the level of new housing starts continues to be below pre-2007levels. Since 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, new housing 35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents starts have incrementally increased to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.2 million units in August 2017 from approximately 0.5 million in October 2009. This August 2017 rate is 1.4% above the August 2016 rate. Construction spending in the United States is also experiencing growth. The U.S.  ... More ...  

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Profitability   Leverage  
Net Inc/Comm EquityNATotal Liab/Total AssetsNA
Net Inc/Total AssetsNATotal Liab/Inv CapNA
Net Inc/Inv CapNATotal Liab/Comm EquityNA
Pretax Inc/Net SalesNAInterest Coverage RatioNA
Net Inc/Net SalesNACurr Debt/EquityNA
Cash Flow/Net SalesNALTD/EquityNA
SG&A/NetSalesNATotal Debt/EquityNA
Asset Utilization   Liquidity  
Net Receivables TurnoverNAQuick RatioNA
Inventory TurnoverNACurrent RatioNA
Inventory Day SalesNANet Rec/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/Work CapNAInv/Curr AssetsNA
Net Sales/PP&ENA  

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Report Date : 2/19/2018

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